Synthetic Leather for vehicles

  1. Natural shift from expensive genuine leathers and dirt-prone fabrics to affordable and easy-to-clean synthetic leather materials
  2. Our leading brand APFORCE offers a range of durable and comfortable materials for car sseats, dasboards, door-trims, ssteering wheels and gear knob covers and interior ceilings
  3. Flexible and attractive materials that are inherently dirt, water, flame and UV resistant
  4. Specialized products are also available for use on other vehicles such as buses, motorcycles, passenger trains, airplanes and even yacts


Synthetic Leather for upholstery

  1. Large collection of embosses to resemble genuine hides, textile textures and modern geometrical patterns
  2. Our Leading brand SOFALEDER offers a range of luxuorious and strong materials for high-class furniture PT. APN also produces materials suitable for all
  3. Kinds of home, office and commercial upholsteries, both indoor and outdoor
  4. Your enjoyment and satisfaction is central in all stages of our activities


Synthetic Leather for Fashion

  1. Humans have great desire in wearing leather due to its timeless elegance and proven resilience
  2. Soft and supple materials for bags, jackets and gloves
  3. Tough and hard-wearing materials for shoes and sandals
  4. Rugged and fashionable materials for all kinds of bags
  5. Comprehensive selections of gloss level, touch effect and print motif. 


Synthetic Leather For Automotive


Synthetic Leather For Furniture


Synthetic Leather For Fashion


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